IngramSpark Q&A

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What is the minimum page count to print a book at IngramSpark?

We have minimum page count requirement of 18 pages for all print titles regardless of the binding.

Just wanted to confirm that by selecting returns (with return & destroy or return & deliver) that there is no time limit for how long retailers have to return books in any condition.

As long as your titles have a returnable status, you will be liable for any returns made.

If the terms of a title change from either “Yes-Deliver” or “Yes-Destroy” to “No”, Ingram will provide notice of the change to all retailers; however, booksellers will continue to have the right to return books for a period of 180 days from the date notice is provided to the booksellers, and the publisher will continue to have the obligation to reimburse IngramSpark for the wholesale cost of the books being returned, plus any applicable shipping and handling charges.

Is it possible to remove a title from distribution in the USA but leave distribution in other geographies or is the USA mandatory?

We can remove the US distribution for print titles, but it is required for ebooks. If you can provide the ISBN, we will be happy to remove the market for you.