Enhance Your Amazon Sales Page with A+ Content

Important! For shoppers who use the Amazon app: A+ content pops up to the top of the description. For this reason, you want your artwork to be easy to read on a mobile device (less text, more image).

Templates in Canva

  1. 970 x 600
  2. 970 x 300
  3. 600 x 180
  4. 300 x 300
  5. 300 x 500
  6. 350 x 175
  7. 220 x 220
  8. 135 x 135

When we create A+ Content, we can choose between 17 modules to design your detail page layout. You can use up to five modules per detail page layout.

You can create content for each edition of your book and 12 of Amazon's geos. If you need help with translation, use ChatGPT.

You access A+ content via your KDP bookshelf:

After you hit submit:

It can take up to 7 business days for your content to be reviewed and, if approved, up to 24 hours for it to appear on the Detail Page after it is Published. If your content is not approved, you will be notified of the reasons in the content.

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GOOD Examples

What's NOT allowed?

If you receive a rejection, follow the direction to resolve the issue and resubmit your A+ Content.

Image and text formatting

Claims and awards

Content restrictions

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