Podcast Advice (for guests)

Getting you setup for podcasting success!

A few tips I've found that make a big difference for our guests:

  1. Be sure you have a good microphone.
  2. Show up 5-10 mins early to ensure no connectivity issues.
  3. Be sure you have the login info (zoom link, streamyard, etc..) the day prior.
  4. Send the host your pdf one sheet with a short bio and list of questions (and/or send them to a page on your site that is specifically for the media/podcasters - example).

A good microphone

If you will be on a PC/Mac, here's a low cost mic that works very well.

If you will be using your phone or an iPad, you can try to get a USB adapter like this to use the mic above, or get one that is specially made for mobile recording.

Will you be on video?

If you will be on video, I recommend a web cam light and the center cam so you are looking at the camera during your interview.

Avoid Time Zone Mixups

Use EveryTimeZone.com and reconfirm with the host.