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Today more than ever, the title of a book (and it's cover) have a bigger impact on the success of a book than almost anything else.

A bestseller starts with a good title!

Your title should:

How many books have you picked up simply because of a title that grabbed your attention?

Spend some time on publishers websites and see which titles grab your attention.

How do you get a good review? Put your book in the hands of the right reader. How do you get a bad review? Put your book in the hands of the wrong reader.

An accurate and descriptive subtitle will help get your book in the hands of the right reader (and avoid the wrong reader).

Examples and ideas...

... A Gripping Binge-worthy Psychological Thriller Series
... A Paranormal Thriller
... Part 1 of the Thrillogy



A trend I have seen - like it or not - is piggy backing on the success of an existing title that already has captured people attention and getting that 'word of mouth' we all need. It'll may also help you show up in Amazon search results better (although Amazon works hard to penalize authors who are 'gaming' the system).

I first noticed it when someone published '50 Shades of Kale.' Dozens of authors recently jumped on the 'The Fine Art of Not Giving a F*!K' bandwagon. And now I'm seeing it with 'The Life Changing Magic...'. Consumers are click happy and it's sad to say that many of the sales these authors are getting might be the result of mistaken identity.

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