Why I prefer Kindle books

  1. I can enlarge the font and avoid the need for reading glasses.
  2. I can view the most popular highlights in a book
  3. I can take notes along side the book
  4. I can access online content in one click (if I'm using the kindle reader on a phone, tablet, pc, or mac).
  5. It keeps a bookmark of where I left off.
  6. I know I always have the updated edition
  7. I can embed the preview on my own website

Why is my Kindle Book Free?

If you've published your book to Kindle, you might wonder why Amazon is offering it for $0.00:

Here's what you need to understand...

Your book is only free if the Amazon customer signs up for Kindle Unlimited ($9.99/mo)!

What you CAN do however is use this to your advantage. Here's an example of how I setup a promo page for a client:

Your next question might be... ok, as the author - how do I get paid?

When you enroll your book in KDP Select (which I recommend), your title is automatically enrolled in Kindle Unlimited (and you can't opt out IF you are enrolled in KDP Select).

When a KU subscriber downloads your title, Amazon pays you for each page read. The amount depends on how many other books are read during the same 30-day period and how many KU subscribers they are. Basically, Amazon pools the profits from KU and distributes them evenly among all the authors enrolled in KDP Unlimited. But on average, you can expect to receive $.004 (just under half a cent) per page read.

Here's a real-world snapshot from July-2020. What you don't see is a report I pulled for the month of July that showed a total of 39,554 pages read (by KU readers) during the month of July. When you divide that into the amount the author was paid, you can see he earned approximately $.004 per page read:

So you can see why I am advocate for KDP Select. Almost half of the income this author received from Kindle sales came via KU!

If you need help getting enrolled in KDP Select and/or taking advantage of the other perks Amazon offers to authors who enroll in KDP Select, feel free to contact me.

~ Brian